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Introducing The Best Point Of Sale Solution For Breweries.

To deliver the highest quality guest experience craft brewers and brewery operators need a POS system that helps. Choose a POS that gives guests the freedom and independence to choose how they want to order and pay! GoTab’s mobile ordering platform significantly helps to lower labor costs and improve profitability.

The Best Brewery Point of Sale Systems Are Flexible

Now more than ever, your restaurant needs the flexibility to change on-the-fly, add and 86 items based on inventory, and ensure you’re offering a menu that appeals to your guests.

Your brewery POS solution should allow you to customize how your digital menu displays and support full eCommerce capabilities. You should be able to add your own branding, photography, and even multimedia (video) to make your menus pop, including:

  • Add and adjust categories, schedules, images and the order of menu, merchandise or grocery item.
  • Set up menu modifiers, standard tax and default tip rates
  • Enable, disable or 86 items on demand
  • Customize menu(s) by “zone” or on-premise location; i.e., patio, dining room, bar, etc.

The Best Brewery POS Systems Are Contactless​

Robust Contactless Self-Service offerings allow your guests to order and pay from their mobile device. Guests browse your branded, customized beer menu and submit orders from their device, no mobile app downloads required to operate the brewery software. For guests more comfortable with traditional ordering, GoTab offers a pay-at-table device for fast, personalized service.

Merge Full-Service Dining and Contactless with Mobile Point Of Sale

With Contactless Dine-In, your servers can do more! Servers can start and add to a digital check, and seamlessly pass it off to your guests. Both servers and guests can add to the digital check simultaneously, enabling your servers to spend more time on what’s important, the guest interaction. When guests are ready, they can close out their tab on their mobile device via Credit Card, Apple or Android Pay. It’s a complete, touch-less experience. Guests who don’t prefer a cloud based pos can still pay the old way. GoTab offers a low-cost card-present terminal, making payment processing easier than ever.

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