Introducing The Best Point Of Sale Solution For Hotels

To deliver the highest quality guest experience, Hotels and Hospitality Kitchens need a POS system that helps. Choose a sale system that gives guests the freedom and independence to choose how they want to order and pay! GoTab’s online ordering system significantly lowers labor costs to help improve profitability while keeping people safe.

Optimize Your Hotel Dining Operations

GoTab’s contactless ordering & payment technology allows guests to self-order and pay for food and drinks, whether in the hotel restaurant or in-room, via their own phone. The contactless solution helps hoteliers drive food and beverage revenues while maintaining physical distancing and safeguarding the health of their quests. GoTab can be used for in-room service and on-site dining including coffee shops, bars, rooftop
restaurants, and more!

Trusted by amazing operators including:

In-Room Dining

Exceed your quest expectations with contactless solutions for in-room dining and communication tools that keep your quests and staff safe.

Reduce Costs Cut costs by removina traditional printed menus and replace them with digital contactless menus & ordering. Save your staff time, by simplv placina a OR code in the hotel room or handing them out to quests check-in service.

Increase Revenue Our Diaital Menus allow vou to recommend popular or
relevant pairings that quests ordinarily may not have considered and allows
them to increase basket size with relevant offers.

Personalized Guest Experiences GoTab enables a more personalized and highly interactive experience allowing customers to track the status of their orders, communicate directly with staff, and pay for their bill when thev’re

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